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In This Exclusive, 4-part Video Training Series, You’ll Learn:
  • The #1 most common mistake women over 40 make that exacerbates a slow metabolism
  • The fastest, safest, most effective way to jumpstart your metabolism…in just one week
  • 4 powerful daily practices that will set you up for inevitable success (you’re probably already doing one or two of these already and when you add the rest…magic happens!)
  • The #1 most common mistake women over 40 make that exacerbates a slow metabolism
  • The 5 biggest obstacles to creating a revved up metabolism (and how to over come them)


You’re Going to Love this Video Training Series, Especially If You Are…

  • Frustrated with gaining pounds and inches year after year, in spite of exercising more and eating less
  • Tired of counting points, carbs, calories and fat grams
  • Done with relying on too tight, expensive shapewear to hide your belly fat
  • Feeling overwhelmed, with too much work on your plate and too little fun and joy in your life
  • Ready to put you, your health and your happiness at the top of your priority list


“After meeting with Amy to get some instruction on making green smoothies, I made a few simple changes (well maybe not that simple).  I began making a green smoothie every day using Amy’s recipe, and got back to the gym five times a week.  There have been remarkable results in just three weeks.  First, I am feeling much more energetic, second, I have lost 7 pounds and third, I have gained both strength and flexibility in my muscles.  I was absolutely amazed when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Amy, thanks so much for your help!  For anyone wanting to improve their energy levels and take off a few or several pounds, I highly recommend Amy’s personal coaching.
Kim Edwards, Windsor, California
“Amy Grams is an endless resource for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.  After just one session with her, she was able to provide a specialized program…highlighting the most important supplements, vitamins, foods, lifestyle support, readings, practices, etc. that she assessed would be most helpful for my body and my life.  Her knowledge and research went above and beyond what I expected. There was a menu/recipe section that I still use today! I also really appreciated how safe I felt letting Amy in on my life, my eating habits and my pantry!  She is completely non-judgmental and understands what it’s like to be a busy mom in today’s world.I’m off to make my daily green smoothie…thanks Amy!”
Alyson Dorr, Integral Coach,
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